Property Clearances

Property Clearances

At Move and Store we are experienced in both residential and business property clearances.

Our client base varies, we undertake small clearances such as a garage or loft.

Conversely we have worked on large projects, such as a 20,000 sq ft office and warehouse clearance on behalf of KN Office in Bristol.

Our recycling rate exceeds 90% as we work with our clients to discuss their clearance needs and what we can do to ensure that a minimal amount of the clearance ends in landfill.

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Property Clearances in Bristol and Gloucestershire

We are linked to a wide range of charities such as British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Sofa Project, Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home Charity  and many more.

We ensure that as many items as possible are donated to charities or homes in need of furniture for crisis families.

Move and Store actively work with families requesting a property clearance following the passing of a friend or relative.

Our compassionate approach is a natural one as we have been in the position ourselves and understand these difficult circumstances.

If you would like to learn more about the options available for small box storage please call 01174 281038 or fill out our contact form.

Blue Light Card Scheme

We value the people who work for the emergency services and care for others, if you are a member of the blue light scheme or have a carer card we will automatically deduct 10% from your monthly storage cost.

Blue Light Card Discount

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