Clearance Terms and Conditions

Our clearance terms and conditions are designed to ensure there is no confusion about what our service includes and excludes.

If you are unclear about any element, please fill out our contact form as directed at the bottom of this page.

Terms & conditions can only be changed with the agreement of both the client and Move and Store Bristol and must be agreed at time of booking. On confirmation of the booking the following conditions apply:

  1. Where we have not conducted a physical inspection of the property prior to clearance, our estimate is not fixed and will be subject to change if the inventory of items for disposal has been under-estimated or miss-described by the client. Discretion on excess items is used and generally no additional charge would be applied if you have forgotten one or two smaller items from your clearance inventory.
  2. ​The removal and disposal of paint, creosote, corrosive/noxious liquids, gas canisters or medical waste can be undertaken with prior notification.
  3. Items requiring specialised disposal would be quoted separately and would not be included within a general estimate. Specialised disposal items include: fridges, freezers, car batteries, pianos, bagged building waste, larger electrical equipment, large quantities of PC equipment/monitors and any other item considered hazardous.
  4. Dismantling of items are not included in the estimate and would require prior agreement on time and cost.
  5. Move and Store Bristol vehicles require parking facilities within 20 meters (65ft) of the main entrance to the property/building. Should Move and Store Bristol be unable to park our vehicle within the maximum distance you will be liable for a surcharge to cover the extra time it will take to load your waste. Any parking charges or fines will be the responsibility of the client unless unreasonably incurred.
  6. The client is responsible for advising us if there are any known circumstances which may hinder our crew during the clearance or in any other way adversely affect the timely completion of the work.
  7. If the waste is being removed from an apartment or flat above first floor, please advise us at the time of quotation. You should also advise us of any restrictions of access through communal areas.
  8. Move and Store Bristol will assume full legal ownership and responsibility for all items excluding unlawful or noxious items once our vehicle leaves the clearance property/site.
  9. Any claims for damages or losses should be communicated to Move and Store Bristol as soon as possible.
  10. Any cancellation of a job less than 48 hours before the Clearance will incur a cancellation penalty of 50% of the fee quoted.
  11. All invoices must be settled on the day of completion of your clearance unless you have an account or have agreed alternative payment conditions in advance. Interest may, at Move and Store Bristol discretion, become payable at LIBOR plus 5% p.a. on monies outstanding in this way.
  12. This contract is subject to the Law and Jurisdiction of England.
  13. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a Consumer.

If you have any questions about our clearance terms and conditions then please fill out our contact form with your enquiry.