About Move and Store Bristol

Move and Store Bristol

The founder of Move and Store Bristol, Kevin Chambers, has been the driving force behind providing the success of hundreds of residential and business moves since 2015.

In the summer of 2016, the self-styled entrepreneur added a collection and storage service. Designed for people who require storage but found the task of ‘doing it all themselves’ a little too daunting.

Prior to setting up Move and Store Bristol, Kevin recalls a long journey in employment, with Driver Logistics and Project Management at the forefront of his multi-decade work experience.

Away from the world of removals and storage, Kevin enjoys traveling as often as possible, supporting various animal charities. He practices Mindfulness and Meditation, and enjoys actively promoting the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting, and is a regular on the festival/live music scene.

The Business Ethos at Move and Store Bristol

At Move and Store Bristol, our business ethos is based on two simple factors. To offer our customers an excellent service, and to offer the best value for your move or storage requirement. And as such, our online reviews reflect our commitment to being among the best removal companies in Bristol.

Our news page is regularly updated with useful information. All designed to help take the strain out of what can be a stressful event. Uprooting your life and family to a new location takes time, effort and can test your finances, with all the legal expenses involved in moving home.

From the initial consultation to the home survey, and the day of your move. Moreover, we get to understand your house move requirements in great detail.

This ensures your move runs as smoothly as possible and is reflected in our Google and Facebook reviews.

We will advise you on the best course of action to take when moving home. Offering advice on when and how to pack your treasured possessions. And how we work together as a team to ensure your house move runs smoothly.

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