5 Cool Places to Live in Bristol

Bristol Harbourside

Bristol has been described as one of the most vibrant cities in England. The city is situated in the South West of England. Bristol’s culture welcomes visitors with its diverse restaurants, theatres, music venues and museums that are free for everyone to visit! Here are five cool places to live if you’re moving here:


Clifton is one of the most sought-after places to live in Bristol. It’s known for its breathtaking views, which are perfect for those who want a space where they can focus on reflection and relaxation.

With the picturesque Clifton village and views of the famous suspension bridge. It’s no surprise that it’s so popular.

However, this does come at a price, rents are among the highest in the city, but there are plenty of flats available, which have attracted young professionals.

Clifton village is a tourist hotspot ideal for people who enjoy food, drink and shopping.

You can find everything from hair salons to vintage clothes stores in this lively area with more than 40 cafes and restaurants thrown into the mix.

The best part? This place holds so much culture that you’ll want to visit again before leaving Bristol!

clifton shops

Close to Bristol, Clifton is a thriving residential suburb with access to public transport. With the proximity of work-life balance and city amenities, many people are attracted by this location.

Whether or not you can afford to live here, it’s one of the places you’ll likely want to visit a lot if you relocate to Bristol.


Redland and Cotham

Redland and Cotham are the perfect areas for those who want a balance of outdoor green spaces with good schooling.

One major plus for this area of Bristol is its proximity to all things great in this city. You can walk or take a quick bus ride into town and be there within 40 minutes.

redland houses

It’s no wonder that the producers of sitcom “The Young Ones” – starring Rik Mayal and Ade Edmonson, among others – chose to film in Redland as well as Cotham.

The quirky comedy was set at a South London house shared by four students; Rick (Rik), Vyvyan (Ade) Mike (Neil Mullarkey) and Neil! But much of the filming was shot here.

The high property prices might be off-putting, but the reality is that in Bristol they’re still cheaper than other parts of town. Plus living close by to your employer could work out nicely!


Leigh Woods

If you’re looking for a more rural and green surrounding, then Leigh Woods could provide just what you need.

With miles of woodland to explore on foot or by bike plus the chance to spot all sorts of wildlife too, this park is perfect for getting back in touch with nature without traveling very far from home.

Close to the vast and picturesque Ashton Court Estate, Leigh Woods is the perfect place for those looking to live in a serene, natural setting with easy access to urban living and amenities!

Ashton Court Mansion, Bristol
Credit: Archant – Ashton Court Mansion

Located on top of what used to be called “The Greatest Engineering Wonder Of All Time”, Leigh Woods provides a scenic backdrop while also offering access into more than 100 acres worth of natural beauty.

Where you can get lost exploring its common grounds or simply enjoy admiring an impressive view overlooking down towards Bristol City Centre on clear days


Hotwells and Harbourside

The area of Hotwells and the harbourside has seen a big revival in recent decades. The harbourside is now where all the action lies; with its mix of new developments and old industrial sites to explore.

A highly sought-after location, due to how this area of the city has transformed into an economic powerhouse. It is now home to some big-name financial business, right on the doorstep!

Bristol Harbourside
Credit: John Seaman Photography

A popular place to live for young professionals in the financial services industry. Making it one of the coolest places to live in Bristol!


Bishopston and St Andrews

Bishopston and St Andrews are two suburbs located just a short drive away from the center of Bristol.

Whether you’re looking for cafes, restaurants or pubs that stay open late into the night – these two neighbourhoods have it all to offer!

Located off Gloucester Road, Bishopston and St Andrew’s both share a strong ‘shop local’ community feel with plenty of locals hanging out in their nearby parks after work hours.

Home to Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, the area of Bishopston and St Andrews can often be found to be a lively and popular area.

Gloucestershire Cricket
Bristol County Cricket Ground

Home to Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, the area of Bishopston and St Andrews is a lively neighborhood with many activities.

The 20/20 cricket matches are especially popular attractions for locals during summertime.

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