Storing Collectables 5 Top Tips

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Storing collectables safely should be given careful consideration if you are moving valuable items into self-storage.

Memories are special because they can date back to childhood. In addition, there is the emotional value that we associate with them.

Therefore storing collectable items safely is something to consider carefully.

Collectable items, like family heirlooms and old photos, preserve our most precious memories.

And as such, acting as triggers for thoughts about people or events from the past.

Furthermore, this is why it’s important to take care of antique collectables. In order to preserve their history through generations down the line!

With so many precious treasures to protect, it’s important to know how to store collectables safely.

Here are 5 tips for storing your collectables safely, for generations to come!

1. Store collectable items in a climate-controlled environment

There are many things that should be done to safeguard your items. One of the most important is making sure they’re not exposed directly to extreme heat or cold.

Some people assume you can just put all your collectable possessions in a box and store it anywhere because there’s no way for them to get damaged if you don’t touch them.

But what about when the temperature changes? What happens then?

If an item has been stored too long without enough care given to its environment. It could become brittle from moisture exposure over time!

The best thing for collectors would be some kind of climate control system so their precious belongings will last as long as possible – even generations later after they’ve passed on!

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2. Keep your collectables away from the elements and out of direct sunlight

If you have the kind of collectables that people would kill for then take steps now and make sure they don’t die in vain!

You might not enjoy your most prized possessions if you put them in places that will ruin their beauty.

You love everything about collectables, but preservation is important for keeping it at its best!

Make sure to keep these items out of the elements and away from direct sunlight.

3. Avoid storing valuable pieces on top of furniture that could cause them to fall off

You want to make sure whatever you collect will stay pristine. Therefore, it’s important the unit always remains free from dust and other particles that could damage them.

When storing collectable items, it’s important to make sure they are not near anything else as this could knock them down or cause damage.

Furthermore, if the item falls on a hard surface, then there may be scratches which will decrease its value.

When you stack precious pieces on top of unstable furniture, the slightest bump could knock it down and cause breakage or other damage.

Store Collectible Items Safely

4. Keep collectables in protective cases whilst in self-storage

To keep your collectables in pristine condition, it’s important to put them into protective cases before you store them.

These come with many advantages such as making the item easy to find.

Additionally, it keeps dust and moisture from getting on the surface of an object.

You can also use these items for display purposes so that others may admire what is yours while protecting its value at all times!

5. Use acid-free materials for storage boxes and containers so they won’t corrode over time

For best long-term storage, use acid-free materials to make your containers and boxes.

Acid is not a good friend of metal. Therefore, if you want to keep your container in as pristine condition as possible then avoid acidic items.

That’s not all though, acid mixed with water and sugar are a recipe for disaster.

It’s the last thing you want when you are when thinking about storing collectables safely!

And Finally…

You may have a lot of great memories at your home. However, with the high-value inventory, it’s not always safe.

Thankfully self-storage facilities exist to keep all those precious belongings in one place and fully protected.

Make sure that you’re storing your antique items somewhere secure. Because when they disappear so do many wonderful memories.

The best way to protect against break-ins is by choosing a facility that has gate access control systems.

Additionally, ensure your unit has good lighting for surveillance purposes.

If you have any questions about storing your collectable items or climate-controlled self-storage we can help.

Simply fill out our contact form with your enquiry, and we will be in touch.

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