Self-Storage In Bristol 6 Tips

Self Storage in Bristol

In this blog post, we explore 6 reasons to use self-storage in Bristol. If you’re looking for a way to clear out some space in your home, then self-storage in Bristol might be the answer.

With short-term flexible deals often found, storing away for much-needed space at home often makes good sense.

Read our Self-Storage In Bristol – 6 Considerations guide for more information on self-storage:


1. Moving To A New Home

In a complex property market, selling up and moving to a new location isn’t always an easy process.

It is frustrating when delays happen at the last minute. If you are not able to find a more convenient option, self-storage will hold your things for as long as it takes you to move into your new home.

Call the storage company to find out what notice period is required. You might need one if you’re moving in just a few days!

keys to new home

2. Change Of Relationship Status

It’s an unfortunate truth that more relationships fail than succeed. And when you are a couple living together and in the midst of breaking up, the future can seem uncertain.

Self-storage can take off the immediate pressure of finding somewhere to live, somewhere that will accommodate your belongings.

If you are thinking of downsizing self-storage can be a useful quick fix. Hiring a man and van service can also take the worry of you having to do the move.

With the flexibility of weekly plans, it’s a wise move to take some pressure off what is a difficult time of life.


3. A Digital Nomad On Your Travels

More and more people are able to work remotely as ‘digital nomads’. With a good wifi signal, it’s easier than it has ever been to work and travel.

The number of people upping sticks has been rapidly increasing in recent years. With more and more opportunities to earn a living on the road, on a year-long adventure perhaps!

Picture of Laptop

If you are leaving your house or flat, or even your boat! You may be thinking about those valuables that you would rather not leave at home. Self-storage units in Bristol offer secure containers and insurance for added peace of mind.

Units tend to start around 25 sq ft for a secure storage unit, which is the size of the average garden shed.


4. Storage For A Growing Home Business

For a home-based business that sells products or items, space could soon become an issue for your business.

To cater to growing demand a self-storage unit gives you great flexibility. No long-term contracts, or business rates to pay, just one monthly fee, keeping you in control of your business costs.

Once you have decided where you are going to store your business items talk to the owners. Stay on top of what space options are available, should you need to increase or decrease your storage needs.

Independently run storage business owners can be extremely helpful in growing your business when you least expect it!


5. Renovating Your Existing Home

If you’re carving out walls, adding a room extension, or reconstructing a leaky roof, the last thing you’ll need on your carpets, furniture, and appliances is an added layer of dust or building debris.

During those times when home or office improvements are underway, a self-storage unit provides a safe temporary shelter for your valued movable items.

House Renovation

Once the work is complete, you then have the option of removing your belongings from storage and restoring them to their original positions or taking the opportunity to re-plan your interiors.

6. Simply Running Out Of Space

We all know this right? Sentiment often wins over when it comes to shall I sell or just get rid of it!

As a result, it’s common to find that the house or flat is bursting at the seams, but you don’t want to sell or recycle those treasured memories.

Storing your items in a secure and well-ventilated area will keep your belongings in good condition for many months or years.

Pack and store sensibly, keep your items protected, and don’t overload your storage unit. Keeping heavy items at the bottom.

It’s also a useful way to store smaller-sized collectible items. Remember to keep an eye on the value if they are stored over a longer period!


And Finally

We provide a door-to-door collection and redelivery service as an alternative to self-storage in Bristol. Providing flexible office and storage space for businesses selling items online.

No need for van hire, sitting in traffic, or heavy lifting. In fact, the whole process can take as little as two emails. Call 01174  504928, or fill out our contact form.


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