4 Top Tips For Self-Storage

self storage for beginners

Our Self-Storage For Beginners – 4 Top Tips for beginners is a great way to learn how to free up space in your home.

It may also be the perfect solution for people who are in-between homes or want their items secure while they travel or work abroad.

When it comes to finding the right storage solution, there is still a lot to think about. The key in this situation is figuring out what you should pack and how best to go about it.

With a little bit of research and good planning, the move into storage can be straightforward. Leave everything to the last minute, and you will soon be wishing you thought the process through!

Here’s how to make your self-storage experience as easy and painless as possible…

A few extra steps will ensure you’re fully utilising the storage space and keeping everything safe. Not to mention making the process easier on yourself.

Follow these tips below for advice and go from self-storage for beginners to a pro in no time at all!


1. Choosing The Right Storage Unit

When you choose a storage unit, there are two things to consider.  

The first is reliability when it comes to taking care of your belongings. And the second is how much space is available for all your items, now that may grow in size over time. 

The most reliable storage company with lots of room will give you peace of mind. Knowing everything will be taken care of while still being accessible on-demand if needed! 

Don’t just take the cheapest storage company, look for reviews and information about past customer experiences. You can do a search to find someone in your area or ask people you know who they’ve used before. 


2. Don’t Delay On Your Search

Self-storage in the UK is historically proven to be a growing market, it has grown through several recessions and is as popular now as it’s ever been. With this in mind don’t take it for granted that finding a suitable unit close to you is readily available.  

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It’s a buoyant market, and always has been, certainly a wise move to start searching for availability first and foremost. 

The storage unit you ultimately choose should be based on a few key factors, namely the size, price, and convenience level that makes sense for your lifestyle. 

Some people prefer to do things the hard way. It’s better to start a little early and have a plan in place than starting late with no idea what you’re going to wear or where your dinner is coming from!


3. Take Stock Of Your Storage

Think about what you are least likely to need for the storage period and make an inventory. If you think you are going to access certain belongings, then try to leave those at the front of the unit.  

By having a digital inventory of what’s in self-storage, you can download it to your phone for easy access, keeping you safe in the knowledge you know what is where! 


4. Take Care With Packaging

Assuming you want your belongings returned in the condition you left them, there are several considerations to make.

For example, how many of your items will pack into boxes, the more boxes you use, the more you can make more of the space in self-storage.

Take care when filling those boxes, double-walled boxes for heavier items give that extra bit of insurance in transit.

lady clearing home

Start with the heavier boxes as a base when stacking over three levels in height. Plan your packing strategy in advance. The people at Sortly have a free-to-use inventory app for keeping track via a barcode system.

If you are moving a large number of belongings into storage, a “little and often” approach to packing will avoid mundane late nights, rushing around at the last minute.

Start with packing the items you use least often, that way your less likely to need to start reopening boxes again!


And Finally….

If our Self Storage For Beginners Guide didn’t make you leap into action, we can help!

We provide a fully insured, secure door-to-door storage service. From doorstep collection to a full packaging and storage service.

Our flexible, friendly, and professional team can take all the pain from the thought of hiring a van, heavy lifting, sitting in heavy traffic.

For a free no-obligation storage quotation fill out our contact form. Or alternatively, call 01174 504928, lines are open between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.


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