Decluttering & Mental Health

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How decluttering improves mental health is something you may be familiar with already.

However, there are many people who feel overwhelmed with ‘stuff’, and not everyone connects the amount of ‘stuff’ that clutters up a home with poor mental health.

There are plenty of studies that suggest very clear evidence, linking a decrease in clutter around the home with improved mental health.

Psychologists have discovered that humans have on average 6000 thoughts a day. Just how many of those thoughts are taken up trying to find things at home, or wishing that your home was in better shape?

From knowledge comes action, and from action come positive results! Here we delve into 5 benefits of how decluttering improves mental health:


1. It Helps Reduce Anxiety

It must feel irritable when things around you are scattered and all over the place right?

When you’re trying to find something and it’s not in the same place as last time. Or when someone is late on a deadline because they were distracted by their messy desk.

A cluttered room can make it difficult to find what you’re looking for and is often the cause behind a feeling of being overwhelmed or anxious about where things are.

A decluttered space promotes an internal sense that everything has its place, which in turn leads to relaxation and a reduction in stress levels.


2. You Feel Energised

Decluttering your space can help you find a sense of accomplishment that may be lacking. It also helps to clear out some mental clutter and makes it easier for you to accomplish other tasks as well!

There are many times when we feel stuck or unmotivated because things just aren’t going our way. But decluttering might be the perfect solution.

How Decluttering Improves Mental Health

By cleaning up around us, even if only in one small area at first, we gain a feeling of satisfaction from seeing all those items gone. Which then motivates us enough so that now anything else seems like less work than before!


3. It’s A Great Mindful Exercise

Decluttering is a great way to engage in mindfulness.

A decluttered space can lead to more insights and mental clarity, which can help you become less stressed or overwhelmed when working on something important.

Decluttering allows you the chance for mindfulness, where your mind has time to wander without all that mental load weighing it down.

This gives people working on projects some insight they may have not found otherwise.

It can also give you an opportunity to practice the many benefits of mindfulness in other areas of your life, living in the moment is proven to be beneficial to physical and mental well-being.


4. Helps Reduce Stress

Decluttering can help reduce stress levels because it is a form of therapy.

When you have less to look at and think about, your mind tends to be able to focus on one thing which helps eliminate distractions in the home or office space.

This allows people with busy lives more time for themselves without being reminded that they don’t want to do anything else when they’re not working.

How Decluttering Improves Mental Health

Decluttering reduces mental clutter by eliminating unnecessary items from our homes so we feel more refreshed every day!

Removing these things also helps us achieve mindfulness. An important factor, particularly if there are children around, a mindful parent makes for a happier young person in the home!


5. An Increase In Self Confidence

Decluttering might seem like a chore, but it has many benefits. An increase in confidence is achievable when you have made the right decisions about creating more space.

You will have the power to make quick decisions about where everything goes and what you should keep or discard.

Additionally, it can give you the power of decision-making and solving other potential future problems around the home.

It will help create a sense of confidence because it gives us control over our spaces. Whether we decide to keep or discard an item is in your hands!


And Finally…

When it comes to decluttering there are often items that you just don’t want to say goodbye to.

Sentiment and memories can make you want to hold on to that special item, or items.

Furthermore, that old vinyl album or pair of designer shoes gathering dust may increase in value over time. It’s often worth considering the use of a storage service, somewhere to keep those sentimental items secure.

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