5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Next Move

Are you thinking of reducing the cost of moving home or business?

The stress involved in moving home is classed as one of the most stressful life events, part of this reason is the cost of moving, surveyor fees, solicitor fees, mortgage/rental fees can make for a scary experience.

When we visit home owners we are often asked if we can reduce the cost of a customer’s move, there are several ways in which this is possible, and here are our top 5 tips for reducing the cost of your property move.

1. Declutter your home or office

Arguably the most difficult part of reducing your property removal costs, simply because sentiment often gets in the way of this process!
Some decisions are easier than others, like selling the tv that no one uses anymore.

Then, there are more difficult judgement calls. You may love the piano you grew up learning to play on, but if you rarely spend time playing it, it may make sense to sell it to a home that can enjoy it.

Reducing the amount of personal effects that you own is a double win, it reduces the removal cost as it’s less volume to move and the items you do sell can go towards and already reduced removal cost bill.

If you would like to know how likely your items are to sell and for what value try ‘completed items’ option on E-bay for a rough guide of how saleable your item is, Facebook Marketplace is a free to advertise platform.

2. Donate the large items you are unable to sell

Not all of your items are likely to bring a clamour of buyers for unwanted items, search the internet and you may find that large sofas, white goods, large wardrobes in the second hand market are two a penny an often go unsold.

If you are moving into a new build with installed appliances or a furnished rental property, and no longer need that large item that is proving difficult to sell there are plenty of people and charities willing to collect from you, Freecycle and the British Heart Foundation being just two of many organisations who can assist.

3. Packaging Costs

Ok so this isn’t going to make any life changing savings, however there are savings to be made all the same. Browse Facebook in your local community pages and ask if anyone has free boxes or bubble wrap, local shops may be able to help with unwanted boxes and packaging.

4. Man and Van Services

If you live in a smaller property with fewer items to move, you may want to consider man and van services. This is an hourly paid service with a more basic service but can in turn save you hundreds of pounds with your small move.

5. Self Storage

In certain situations we have been able to offer our customers credible savings on utilising our storage facility on a short term basis, moving items out of the home over two or three days can save money on labour costs with Move and Store and also ensure a smooth moving day with 75% of your property already cleared on the day of the move.

If you have any questions about reducing the cost of your next move then contact us today, or for more support with moving or storage why not follow us via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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