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Using a professional removal company vs. hiring a van and doing it yourself – it’s a common question many of our customers struggle with in the initial stages of planning their moves. Moving house can add up to be an expensive experience, so it’s no wonder people consider what work they could do themselves cheaper.

So what should you consider when deciding if you should use a professional removal company or hire a van and do it yourself?


1. Removal companies can save you time.


Moving house takes time. From the weeks of packing in advance to the loading of the van, travelling and unloading at the other end – it’s a time-consuming process. 

  • Packing: A professional removal company helps people move every day, so they’ve got it down to an art! If you’ve ever moved yourself you’ll know how long packing takes – it can take some people weeks on end, especially if you are fitting it in around your day job or taking care of the kids.
  • Loading: Think about the time it will take to pack and load a small van (any good at Tetris?) and a couple of cars, especially if items are tricky to handle (how did the delivery company get that sofa in there again?!) plus the number of trips back and forth, unloading, reloading and all the unpacking when trying to do it yourself.

On top of the main points like packing and loading there are lots of other things that can take time or cause delays. You might find there are items of furniture you can’t lift properly, delicate or valuable items you need extra protection for or bad weather that you hadn’t prepared for too which can cause you delays and make the job take a lot longer than you expected… this can make moving day really stressful, especially if you’ve got new owners waiting outside ready to move in…

Hiring a moving company means you can leave all of this to them. They will take all of the above into account in planning the move to make sure the right time and resources are allocated to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time!

2. Professional removers are skilled at packing precious, valuable or fragile items. 

We’ve all got things around the house that are heavy, delicate, valuable or even just sentimental – just the thought of trying to move them from one place to another in one piece can be stressful enough. With a professional removal company that needn’t be the case though – not only will a fully trained removal crew have the right experience and knowledge of exactly how to pack and transport these kind of items safely and securely, but the company will also be able to offer you insurance to protect your goods in the unlikely situation that something should get damaged or broken while in their care. 

3. If you’ve got young children movers can make the move a lot easier.

Moving house is stressful enough, but when you add a baby or young children into the mix the stress tends to multiply rapidly. Finding time to pack, keeping the boxes out of your way or locating items you thought you wouldn’t need in the middle of the night when someone is crying can drive even the sanest parent mad.

Using a professional removal company can help alleviate some of that though. By taking care of things like packing and loading, it leaves you free to concentrate on other, more important things. Some removal companies will also help with unpacking, while others even have additional handyman or housemaid services to help with the finer details of a move like hanging pictures and shelves, reassembling furniture, fitting light fixtures, cleaning your old house and unpacking kitchen goods into cupboards leaving you to concentrate on getting set up and settled in.

4. It could be easier to cope if your move situation is subject to change or if problems occur. 

Not every move is as straightforward as moving from A to B. If you’ve moved several times before then you’ll be aware that even the most organised of moves can throw up challenges or unplanned surprises.

Moving via temporary accommodation – It might be that you need to go into rented accommodation while you search for a new house to buy, or you might be moving in with friends or family while your dream house is being built, or maybe there has been a delay in your chain? Whatever the reason, it leaves you with one problem – what to do with everything you own while you’re in a period of transition.

Many reputable removal companies also provide storage services these days, so while you’re not directly moving house it’s always worth considering this option. Not only will your goods be packed and handled properly, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing they’re stored safely and securely for the duration you require.

Move day problems and last minute challenges – When it comes to problems on move day, removal company crews and move managers are highly trained to spot potential problems and deal with them as and when they arise. It might be something simple like finding somewhere to park the lorry at your new house, bad weather or something more complicated like dismantling an item that’s been overlooked in the rush to prepare for move day – whatever it is they will deal with it calmly and professionally, allowing you to focus on other things.

5. Already stressed out? Professional removal companies take some of the stress out of moving.

The process of moving house is stressful. If you’re buying/selling then it’s likely you’ve just been through months (if you’re lucky) or even years of anxiety and stressful negotiations to secure your new home and a buyer for your old one. You’ve probably had just about enough of chasing solicitors to get back to you, enduring additional fees and dates continuously slipping…. If you’re renting then we doubt you had an easy ride either, by the time the viewings are done and you’ve jumped through all the landlords hoops we’ll bet you’re pretty stressed out too.

If this sounds like you, then the thought of finally being in your new home probably sounds great, but the thought of how to get there isn’t so exciting! Luckily, this is the one step of the moving process that you can completely hand off to someone else with minimal involvement.

Removal companies can provide such a wide range of services that if you want to, you can wake up in your bed at your old house one morning and go to bed in the new home the same night without having to have done much more than getting in your car, driving there and pointing to where you want things. If that sounds like heaven, then get in touch with us. 

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